All ships are subject to inspection

Israeli Consulate New York . @IsraelConsulate yr navy says future #flotilla 2 be treated as provocateurs on board – what of the jewish aid ship?

. @Jinjirrie The blockade exists to protect Palestinians and Israelis. All ships are subject to inspection regardless of who’s on board.

. @israelconsulate why won’t you accept inspections by the UN? why send #flotilla ships to Ashdod & why board them in international waters?

and enquiring minds also want to know how the blockade, which prevents items like sewing machines, musical instruments, fishing rods, coriander, goats and chickens from entering gaza, ‘protects’ Palestinians.

. @israelconsulate furthermore, you say ‘blockade exists to protect Palestinians & Israelis’ – what are you protecting Palestinians from?

No reply to my last questions yet. So ‘all ships are subject to inspection’ and no direct answer to my question about whether the jewish ship would also be treated as having provocateurs on board.