Life and Debt – the chains of globalisation and neoliberal imperialism

This film is a powerful exposes of the way vulnerable countries are ruthlessly farmed by empire and its mercantilist consorts, assisted by the World Bank and IMF, to the detriment of local people and environment.

Don’t just sit stunned after watching, get out there and challenge the corporations and countries who enslave people for venal gain. Spread the word, make this film viral!

2 Replies to “Life and Debt – the chains of globalisation and neoliberal imperialism”

  1. Perhaps you could watch the doco again. The facts presented therein seem to have flown way over your head.

    If imported cheap veggies put local farmers out of their livelihoods, are they really ‘cheap’?

  2. I’m not sure what the point of this documentary was. So people being able to buy cheap vegetables is a bad thing? You want the price of vegetables to be high? Also, whenever you get a loan there are conditions. The same with the IMF. If you don’t want to get a loan, don’t get one – instead you can cut government spending. The IMF does a great job in ensuring incompetent and corrupt governments enact responsible economic policies.

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