Hasbara on your blog? no way

The propaganda war has been going very badly for Israel. Now the hasbara behemoth is on a new groove with an army of multilingual bloggerniks preparing to invade selected blog targets with phony justifications, lies, whinings and bleatings in an attempt to ameliorate their global public relations catastrophe and humiliation in Gaza. We shall take this new plan as a covert admission that the Giyus Megaphony machine has done its bearings.

Be warned, hasbaraniks – naturally, no quarter will be given here to those who attempt to justify land theft or mass murder in the name of a secular militaristic expansionist ideology. Those with senses of humour will be excused – though we’ve yet to come across a hasbaranik possessing one.

Enjoy Gaza photojournalist Sameh Habeeb‘s photos of Gaza during the conflict. As Christopher Walker said, the main reason foreign journalists were kept out of Gaza by the Israelis wasn’t because of their verbiage, but because of the shocking photos they would send out to the world of illegal weapon usage, child fatalities, absence of Hamas action around UN targets – the sort of evidence the Israelis would rather do without in any forthcoming war crimes trial. Sameh’s photos provide excellent coverage of the terrible events of the past 23 days.