Israel is using airburst bombs in Gaza

CNN video now unavailable.

Airburst bombs shower target areas with many bomblets. In built up areas they kill indiscriminately.

The reporter quotes a Norwegian doctor working in Gaza saying there’s been an increase in casualties coming into his hospital since the beginning of Israel’s abominable incursion. 30% of the casualties are women and children.

2 Replies to “Israel is using airburst bombs in Gaza”

  1. You and CNN appears to confuse air burst with cluster munitions. In either case it is the preferred choise in built up areas if civilians can be expected to take cover in the basement. Standard HE with impact fuse can hurt them but cluster munitions or air bursts will only hurt combatants or equipment that will need to move about on the ground. I cannot tell what that explosion was. I have seen both submunition releases from cluster shells and air bursts. It didn’t look at all like that. I might have been an incendiary device. That would be effective against the rocketlaunchers but less harmful to civilians in basements.

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