Israel violating humanitarian law again

Richard Falk at the UN:

WASHINGTON, (PIC)– The UN human rights rapporteur, Richard Falk, has described the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip coupled with the tight siege on it as a serious and blatant violation of the international humanitarian law.

He stressed in a radio interview on Friday that the Palestinians, especially the Gaza Strip inhabitants, need and deserve the world community’s protection a long time ago even before the Israeli military assault started.

Falk said that the Israeli bombing with advanced weapons on a society that is not capable to defend itself follows a human tragedy that resulted from the Israeli blockage on the Strip.

The Israeli tightened siege is a collective punishment that violates international laws, he said, adding that Israel’s claims that it withdrew from the Strip and thus was not an occupying power was not legally or morally true since it continued to impose its control on the Strip’s borders, beaches and air space.

Editorial in the Guardian:

Israel must withdraw and the Arab nations in the region that must persuade Hamas to end its murderous missile attacks and observe the ceasefire. Instead of attacking and putting its citizens at risk, Israel could make this happen by lifting the siege that has only served to strengthen the Islamist group.

But the reality on the ground is that Israel has sent in troops and returned to the failed strategies of the past. A deeper and more terrible tragedy is beckoning.

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