Blog Action Day – let’s put the environment first for a change.

Rarely are we interested in participating in these ever more ubiquitous days of blog solidarity, however given that our upcoming election may pivot around environmental issues, here’s our contribution.

Let’s face it, follks, both major Asstralian parties are off the mark when it comes to ensuring our environment and we who have plundered it survive. Neither party is willing to address the main issue adequately – that our consumption levels are far too disgustingly gluttonous for sustainability. Both parties preach a blind necessity of population growth for productivity growth without questioning the longterm viability of this profligacy or the patent lack of common sense in promoting ever increasing gobbling of resources and abominable expansion of concrete slums along the Australian coastline. Both Libs and Labs are paid off by lobby groups, from industry, religious groups and workers, which mean these issues are submerged. Look no further than the recent Gunns debacle in Tasmania, the rape of democracy in Queensland with forced council amalgamations which will assist developers at the expense of the environment particularly in the South East quarter, the Traveston Dam horror, the ghastly influence of the loony Exclusive Brethren in our elections, not to mention the insidious and historically all pervasive intrusions of the male dominated Catholic church nuthouse with its destructive, self-interested policy of rampant human reproduction.

Sneaky, our opportunistic scrub turkey agrees with our major parties’ shortsighted economic irrationalism. Without human waste, Sneaky’s lifestyle would be greatly impoverished.

Sneaky the scrub turkey