Doodoo rolling in doodoo

With the Dems of the US Congress in hot pursuit of the treasonous imbecile responsible for utterly debasing the office of the US presidency, our interest in current events in the United Stupids is tickled once more. Doodoo gets his soul mate and hatchet man Scotfree Libby’s sentence commuted – as Sen. Patrick Leahy puts it “His silence has been bought and paid for, and he would just take the fifth” if asked to testify by Congress in regard to the Plame investigation.

Will Fitzgerald reveal all that transpired in his interviews with Doodoo and Dirty Dick Cheney? will Doodoo’s former aides testify regardless of his telling invocation of executive privilege and admonishments in the matter of the political firings of federal attorneys?

Whether they do or not, even Blind Freddy should see that in a guilty manic reaction to the relentless exposure of his crooked connivances, Doodoo is running for cover faster than a dealer at a drug bust.