The Return of US Decency and Dignity?

It may not be much longer before we can rename the United Stupids to the United States as the will of the people emerges through a viable Democratic opposition plan for disengagement in Iraq and the dismantlement of the heinous, degrading Doodoo torture facilities is proposed.

Rep. John P. Murtha (D-Pa.), chairman of the House Appropriations subcommittee on defense, will formally outline the Democrats’ plan today to antiwar groups agitating for binding action against the war. Rep. James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.), a subcommittee member who helped arrange the Internet event, said the plan is aimed at tamping down calls from the Democrats’ liberal wing for Congress to simply end funding for the war.The Murtha plan, based on existing military guidelines, includes a stipulation that Army troops who have already served in Iraq must be granted two years at home before an additional deployment, Marines must be given 14 months at home, and any troops sent to Iraq must be those deemed fully trained and equipped under existing military standards. The idea is to slowly choke off the war by stopping the deployment of troops from units that have been badly degraded by four years of combat.

“They won’t be able to deploy troops unless they extend troops overseas. And if we limit the extension, then it’ll be very difficult for them to continue this surge, which the American people are against and the Iraqis don’t want,” Murtha said on yesterday National Public Radio.

The Democrats also intend to shut down the military prisons at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and at Abu Ghraib near Baghdad by denying them funds, and to bar funds that would be used to establish permanent military bases in Iraq.

“The resolution authorizing the use of force in Iraq that we passed in fall of 2002 was never intended to authorize the use of American troops to police a civil war,” Ramstad said.”

Not a moment too soon for the United Stupids to regain some appearance of democratic sanity to cloak its imperialism. With criticism from Putin reaching a crescendo as Doodoo militarises countries adjoining Russia, the United Stupids may suffer more than a humiliating defeat in the Middle East if they continue to pursue the fundoneoziocons’ escalation plans for extended military imperialism, which would play into OBL’s hands yet again. Or maybe not. To continue the status quo of an arms-led economic recovery must be very tempting.

Putin, monopolising on a sense of growth in Russian prestige, appears to be increasing his support for the plight of the illegally occupied Palestinian people.

During a meeting with Abbas at Amman’s Queen Alia International Airport, Putin welcomed the Mecca agreements and expressed hopes that the agreements will bring results and promote “formation of an efficient Palestinian government so that an appropriate climate could be established for the lifting of the siege against the Palestinians and for the opening of final status negotiations with the Israelis.”

“The achievement of these goals will create conditions for the lift of the blockade and further steps towards comprehensive settlement of the relations with Israel.”

Putin has also indicated his support for Saudia’s nuclear power plans. As arch-ziotard Netanyahoo preens himself for a new assault on Israel’s top job, these two moves by Putin seem sure to ignite the Zionist lobby who will in turn pressure the United Stupids to confront Russian influence firmly.

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