Crossing St. Vinnies off our shopping list

Any publicity is good publicity, so maybe the faithful will rally to the cause and fill the gap after fallout from the St. Vincent de Paul court loss to ex-volunteer Linda Walsh spreads. Moreover, perhaps they will look askance at a hypocrital organisation which invested a truckload of money and a barrage of lawyers with . . . → Read More if you dare: Crossing St. Vinnies off our shopping list

Protest the Papal visit

Fantastic Catho kitsch

Scavenged from Pharangula, this delightfully symbolic piece from the planet’s premier throwback fertility cult stimulated gales of laughter in the Fringe residence. We do try always to look on the brighter side of life 🙂 Some of the hysterical captions proposed thus far: “Jesus is the way, the wang, and the light.” “Thy rod . . . → Read More if you dare: Fantastic Catho kitsch

Pagan Easter Greetings

Lamenting that “God often struggles for media coverage in the modern world”, the unctuous Whorestralian Archbishop George Pell gave his beleaguered deity a hand, advertising to his flock to “refocus on their personal faith and morality”. Apparently, despite the Vatican’s interpretation of the Fifth Commandment “You shall not kill”, Pell doesn’t think war is a . . . → Read More if you dare: Pagan Easter Greetings

The Vatican Rag 11 “The invariable response to market shocks that threatened the now infamous virtuous circle of a strong currency and the bull market was decisive market intervention by the Federal Reserve and US Treasury. For example: – Market crises triggered by the Asian meltdown, the Russian default, the collapse of LTCM, and plummeting stock prices post . . . → Read More if you dare: The Vatican Rag 11

Doing the Vatican Rag

Ratzinger puts his foot in it, dredging up antiquated rubbish about Islam. As if the Catholic Church hasn’t got its own nasty violent secrets – think witch hunts and burnings, the inquisition, the crusades, the missionary/messainic colonisations etc etc And that’s just the Catholic Christian sect. I expect whacking Islam takes the heat off the . . . → Read More if you dare: Doing the Vatican Rag