The Aridity of the Settler Imagination

On Hearing a “Friend” has Voted for Hanson You’ve never met a single Muslim yet automatically you despise them, your putrid tick for racist Hanson betrays a guilty, greedy voice within. What’s the bloody difference between yours and Toadball’s border defence? It’s vapid new age love you spout and you want to keep those . . . → Read More if you dare: The Aridity of the Settler Imagination


You market racism inbuilt in capitalism you sell division you hawk your tools so i can on-sell fear’s smell complicit with your smug, private accumulation stolen nations down the multi-level marketing pyramid intimate and bigoted this colonial poison mass death enjoyment this ponzi scheme which only benefits you i refuse to shill your septic poo . . . → Read More if you dare: Elites

The Internet As Habitat

Suck NARCISSOIDS they drink your whine surreptitious needy arseholes faking sliming controlling squeezing spitting pips you’re all sucked up weighed by vacuum balance of power on their side found wanting your surfeit of trust shallowed you bathed you trophied you away they slither remorseless remoras all bravado and bag of tricks February 2015 FACEBOOK IS . . . → Read More if you dare: The Internet As Habitat

White Supremacy, Short Memories

For a twenty four hour news cycle After the killings black lives matter The US is exposed for what it has always done Hundreds of years of torture and slavery Then white people go back to caring for kittens and having Obama’s back. Jinjirrie, December 2014 While US liberals and other chest-beating apologists for . . . → Read More if you dare: White Supremacy, Short Memories

Poems of the Pre-election Second Honeymoon

Progressive Except for Palestine The almightiness of whiteyness decrees rightness, with blessings for oppressed voters are impressed, he’s green, hip and progressed but won’t boycott and divest for whitey knows best it’s ‘counter-productive’ for all when Palestinians make the BDS call. Jinjirrie, August 2013 @TaliShapiro @Jinjirrie point is that lending support to campaigns you believe . . . → Read More if you dare: Poems of the Pre-Election Second Honeymoon

On The Cat

Guest post from Kadaitcha reader Ray Nash: “CAT, my dear Cat, So common a name for such an enigmatic and enchanting creature. You are so much more than that, Cat. Words escape me, for I alone cannot capture that which I know to be true. Your presence seems locked into my soul. Your physical shape, . . . → Read More if you dare: On The Cat

Poems of Social Media Revolution

Garbage Disposal I don’t want your chemtrails, 9/11 truth, wild theory fails I can’t bear your bleating on of Haarp and reptile aliens. I don’t want your nazi rants, your racism, your hate slants I can’t stand your barking about Jewishness and eugenics, I don’t like your Vets Today, your PressTV, your Daily Mail Just . . . → Read More if you dare: Poems of Social Media Revolution

Confronting Islamophobic Propaganda on Muslim Rage

Elise Hendrick [@translator_eli] takes a satirical look at the duplicitous efforts of mainstream privileged white media to promote bigotry and Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s islamophobic, faux-feminist views. Related Links Films Don’t Start Riots Did Police Use ‘Proportionate Force’ On Film Protesters? Tired of the violence and stupidity Jeff Sparrow on the neoliberalism of ruling elites who . . . → Read More if you dare: Confronting Islamophobic Propaganda on Muslim Rage