Land appropriations by Israel since 1947

A picture tells a thousand words as the old cliche goes. From this map it’s very plain why Palestinians are rightfully aggrieved and why Israel is at fault for this despite copious protestations of innocence.

Palestine shrinks

Detailed maps of Palestine pre and post 1948 can be readily viewed elsewhere.

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  • evenmore

    Your maps are inaccurate. The whole of Jordan is also ‘Palestinian land’. The British mandate of “Palestine” included all the territory from Jordan to the Mediterranean sea. When you look at the big picture, you see just how tiny the land is that the Palestinian Jews have been given. Three times the British revised their promise to give the Jews a national homeland. Initially all of British mandate was to become the Jewish state. Then it was all land east of the Jordan. And then they decided to partition that land, because the Arabs didn’t want any Jewish state period. Who is wiping who off the map?

    • Glad that you recognise that the land before it was dishonestly given away by a foreign country, Britain, was Palestine. The Emirate of Transjordan was recognised by the British in 1923 well before the donation of part of the rest of the British mandate to the invading Zionists. If you read up on the history of the Jordanian area, its roots are very different from the areas to the east. There’s no doubt Zionists would have liked to get their hands on portions of Jordan – fortunately, these northern European invaders were thwarted. You might also be unaware that at the time of partition, Zionists owned a mere 7% of the subject land, yet ended up with 55%, despite the inalienable, still existent rights of those indigenous to the land and who they forcibly displaced. Israeli colonialism has now expanded its misappropriations to 78% and the illegal occupation of Palestine by Israel continues. For a history of Jordan, see

  • Thanks Syd, doing what I can to expose the lies promulgated by the neoZionist propaganda machine.

  • It puts a whole new slant on who’s wiping who ‘off the map’.

    Great posts in general, Fringe.