How the oil industry pollutes and destroys despite available, functional technology – Booming

Warning – profanity contained in the above vid is prolific, but well in keeping with the subject matter.

If anyone was in doubt about the idiocy of Repubes and the correctness of John Stuart Mill’s dictim about conservatives being stupid, this story will clear up remaining qualms and ensure folks are aware that US conservatism is well on its way back to the dark ages.

In January, after refusing the suggestion that scholars or teachers be present at the board meetings, the board’s Republican majority, largely social conservatives, began to make drastic changes to the curriculum. A huge battle ensued, led by the Texas Freedom Network (TFN), against the literal takeover of the curriculum by political ideas of the right wing and religious conservatives, often showing lack of knowledge and creating an embarrassment to the state. Some 40,000 letters and phone calls came into the board from the public and from scholars within and outside Texas.

Some of the worst examples of the changes became known as the “list of shame”:

* Rejecting the word “capitalism” and substituting “free enterprise,” since “capitalism” is only used by “liberal” professors in academia.

* Rejecting teaching students about constitutional protection of religious beliefs and the separation of church and state.

* Downplaying President Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence, and references to enlightenment ideas.

* Removing concepts of “justice and responsibility for the common good” from the list of characteristics of good citizenship.

Day 2 – Facebook Privacy and Responsibility

Inside Story features social media doyen and writer, Jillian C York who offers sensible analysis of the ramifications of Facebook’s recent privacy changes. Is the age of privacy, as Mark Zuckerberg Facebook creator says, over? The procedure to protect one’s privacy has become far more obtuse since the recent changes.

Coincidentally, Facebook is coming under scrutiny for leaking its users’ information to third parties without their consent. Some of the beneficiaries don’t even know they had or could use the data – loose hooks are trolling for bites.