Easter Meditation

Forest Grey Kangaroo

Easter 2024

I don’t want to write about food
or visits to the stupormarket
while people in Gaza are being
starved to death deliberately by
Netanyahu and the profane AukusPorkus
Coalition of the Swilling and Killing
I don’t like family Easter feasts
mindless gobbling, pomp and ceremony
when children are taught to associate
death of a political martyr and fluffy things
obscene chocolate gluttony
built on child plantation labour
while Aboriginal children of Australia
are under curfew in Alice Springs
crime rises with wealth inequality
I don’t like celebrating another ritual
capitalist appropriation of religion
in service of the white supremacist
colonialist patriarchal ruling class
an intersectional rort built on annihilation
and subjugation while an impossible virgin
smiles benevolently despite her loss.

– March 2024