New Year’s Contemplation

they’re genociding the homeless
snapfreezing them into iceblocks during the night
screwing us all so they can buy
one more yacht and investment property
another poor little child is born in the ghetto
and the media sells the next Iran war
to employ imperial cannon fodder
so its ruling monster class can buy
more yachts and investment properties
with defence share profits
Trump’s ghoulish puffy face gloats at tax cuts
for his mates so they can buy
even more yachts and investment properties
we share beers and Fresita
take photos of the storm
talk of guillotines
the filthy rich
and the bourgeoisie
who let them get away with it
so they too might be able to buy
a yacht and an investment property in twenty years
i snarl curses and invoke a release
from the thrice times three rule
for these craven acts of sympathetic magic
an upload to virtual reality is looking better and better
watching the exhumation of 80s hits on Countdown Live from Sydney
remembering when anything was possible
before Gordon Gekko convinced everyone
greed was good and me, me, me the answer,
they don’t care, don’t care, don’t care,
let them all freeze, freeze, freeze.

January, 2018