Ahmed Tibi on Racism

“People must stand courageously against instances of denial of the other, oppression of the other, denial of the Holocaust,” Tibi said. “I, Ahmed Tibi, a tall, proud Arab, is happy to be on the same side as prominent Arab intellectuals who came out forcefully against Holocaust denial in the Middle East and other places around the world.”

“We must stand and warn with a loud voice against all instances of discrimination, racism, and the politics of hate,” Tibi said. “Racism and hatred for anything that is different, including Arabs, have raised their heads here in Israeli society. Racism has long become ‘mainstream.’”

“Those who were victims of that horrible death, which is a byproduct of a malicious exercise of power – a destructive, absolute power – must be attentive to the cries of the bereaved mother whose home was destroyed and whose children were buried underneath it; to the pain and cries of a doctor who lost his daughters; to the victims of the other, even if the other is his victim, the victim’s victim.’

Ahmed Tibi, from his speech in the Knesset on Holocaust Memorial Day – From the JFJP