Roger Waters Speaks at the UN Against Israel’s Oppression of Palestinians

Text trancript of Roger Waters’ UN speech – the full text of Waters’ address is below the UN transcript

“The BDS movement, which has spread from Palestinian civil society to activists around the world, is part of that non-violent resistance and I support it whole heartedly, but let us be clear that the disparity of power, and the reality of the occupation, and the response of the occupied is the reality we face unless we find recourse in international law and hold all parties to it. “


The 3rd of December, 2012, marks 2000 days of siege by Israel on the people of Gaza – collective punishment, a crime against humanity. End Israel’s oppression and apartheid, equal rights for all, recognise the right of Palestinians to return to their lands, and until these are achieved, boycott, divest from and sanction Israel!

Don’t forget to boycott Israeli goods for Christmas – and join the campaign in Melbourne

Following the UN vote admitting Palestine as a non-member observer state, Netanyahu has announced 3,000 more illegal Jews-only settler houses in Occupied East Jerusalem. The reactions of Western governments has been one of horror as they believe this development will make two states geographically impossible, as if two states weren’t already geographically impossible. Still, their concern for protecting the mirage of the possibility of two states blows their continued support for Israel as a willing negotiator if only the Palestinians would negotiate, out of the water. The UK mutters about diplomatic withdrawals – I’ll wake up a little more if the UK threatens an arms boycott. Otherwise this sort of thing is symbolic. It may cause Israel to feel more isolated, delegitimised and even belligerent. There’s a couple of possibilities the zio-elite may have in mind to get their noxious impunity from the West back – the obvious is to precipitate another conflict. Otherwise is an early election possible? Netanyahu on the other hand may have decided to go for broke and to snatch Area C in the West Bank in total.

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“Those who place their hope in the Palestinian Authority taking steps to hold Israel to account naively failed to grasp that the Palestinian Authority essentially manages the occupation for Israel
through its “security coordination” with Israel. Mahmoud Abbas has “always been the obedient servant of the United States and Israel.” It must not be forgotten that in October 2009, Abbas, under pressure from Israel, the United States and European diplomats, abandoned a resolution requesting the UN Human Rights Council to forward Judge Richard Goldstone’s Report on war crimes in Gaza to the UN Security Council for further action.

Meanwhile, the settlement expansion and land and water expropriation will persist unabated, and Israel will continue to cement its status as an apartheid state.”

How will Israel and the adminstrators of its occupation in the West Bank and Gaza keep up their pretence now? Ban ki Moon: “Israel’s construction plans ‘fatal blow’ to the two-state solution”.

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