Was JLo Pressured by Israel’s Hasbara Apparatus?

17 May 2012 UPDATE: JLo has not yet confirmed she will be entertaining apartheid Israel. Her management has been asked, we are waiting for a response. In June 2010, Reuters reported that Lopez made a choice to boycott playing in Turkish-held Cyprus:

“Jennifer Lopez would never knowingly support any state, country, institution or regime that was associated with any form of human rights abuse,” a statement on Lopez’s website said.

Jennifer Lopez Israel tweetOn 25 April, it was reported by Danielle Berrin for the Jewish Journal that a group of 30 leading music executives, entertainment lawyers, and talent agents met at the Ziffren Brittenham law offices with the infamous CCFP (Artists Against Apartheid has called for a boycott of the CCFP) and David Seigel ( the Counsel General of Israel in Los Angeles). Atar Dekel, the cultural attache for the Israeli Consulate was also a the lunchtime presentation.

Music moguls at the meeting represented artists such as Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Aerosmith, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lopez.

Just 2 weeks after the article was published, the Israeli press and Israeli twitter accounts announced with great fanfare that Jennifer Lopez will perform for Israel in late 2012. Her planned performance most likely comes as a response to the intense pressure of the CCFP, as well as the Counsel General of Israel in Los Angeles.

The above tweet was created by the State of Israel Official Twitter Channel, which seems to be dedicated to using many artists’ good names to promote their agenda of hostility to Palestinians.

There is no doubt that the BDS movement can be effective enough to lead to democracy, justice and equal rights in Israel, so it scares those who are loyal to an Israel that excludes people who are not deemed good enough to be “privileged.” BDS also contributes to mass awareness of the present situation of apartheid in Israel. BDS is spreading because absolutely anyone can participate in it, and it is not necessary to travel to a protest or risk suffering from tear gas grenades. (Though many BDS movement volunteers certainly possess the passion to risk their lives to see freedom, justice & democracy for Palestinians and many do just that).

This seeming abuse of Jennifer Lopez in order to appease the CCFP and the Counsel General of Israel in Los Angeles is disturbing.

First, a concern exists over whether Lopez herself was informed of the boycott by whichever powerful music mogul who pulled the strings to get her on the Zionist State’s artist playlist.

Second, is Lopez expected to concur with the motives of the CCFP? Is she in any jeopardy if she does not comply with the Counsel General of Israel in Los Angeles’ expectations? It is hard to imagine that a 42 year old, self assured woman with a definite passion for woman struggling for their rights in Juárez, Mexico, (Lopez produced and starred in Bordertown), would close her eyes to the struggle that Palestinian woman must endure due to Israel’s siege on Gaza and forceful occupation of the West Bank.

Next, is Lopez aware of how her good name has already been used by the CCFP to promote the false notion that Israel is a safe haven for refugees among many other lies and deceptions on the CCFP website?

It takes true courage and a very powerful sense of meaning and self to stand up to the intense pressure that many artists face to perform for apartheid Israel. Playing on the wrong side of history most certainly creates an ugly stain on any artists’ resume.

Lopez has not confirmed her concert yet, and she may very well follow in the steps of Bruce Springsteen. Last November 2011, Springsteen’s name was plastered all over the Israeli press. He has yet to book a gig for Israel. He most likely understands that apartheid builds walls music cannot cross. It appears that the Boss won’t be bossed around by the music moguls. (See Springsteen, the Boycott, and Israel)


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