Dedicated to the Women of Palestine

For International Women’s Day 2012 on March 8

Held under Israel’s Kafkesque, despicable administrative detention without trial or charge, political prisoner Hanaa al-Shalabi has “expressed her undeterred intention to continue her hunger strike, now on its 21st day, until she is released.” “An Israeli military judge postponed the decision in the appeal of Hana Shalabi’s four-month administrative detention order in her hearing today, 7 March.”

‘Hana stated that prior to her transfer to the court, a female soldier informed Hana that she would be conducting a strip search in front of the other female prisoners. After arguing, the female soldier agreed to conduct the strip search in the bathroom. After the strip search, Hana was told that she would be punished upon her return to Hasharon. Hana’s arms and legs were then shackled in a very strict manner.’

Join the campaign to free Hanaa immediately on Facebook.

Haha’s mother is on hunger strike in solidarity with her daughter. Hana has done nothing to deserve her arbitrary internment by the Israeli oppressor.

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  1. It is unbelievable that the Zionist Israelis actually see themselves as victims of this ethnic cleansing and continue to milk the world sympathy of the Holocaust for their own colonialist ends. Just a few years after the Jewish Holocaust came the Palestinian Holocaust type of event at the hands of the Nazi victims, did they not learn anything about compassion?How could they have carried out, and continue to carry out the removal of the Palestinians, such a terrible deed have they committed and then tried to hide it by the same tactics Nazis used of taking over media. The women in the videos are indeed deserving of our respect and admiration. @Jinjirrie thank you for this.

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