More Inspirational BDS Successes!

A good day for BDS, a good day for justice

Omou Sangaré has cancelled her performance in Tel Aviv scheduled for the 9th December.

BDS : Oumou SANGARÉ annule son concert en Israël !

This is the DPAI (Don’t Play Apartheid Israel) letter to her:

OPEN LETTER to Oumou Sangaré … Don’t close your eyes to torment

Over 150 Swiss artists pledge to boycott apartheid Israel.

Declaration of Swiss Artists Responding to the Palestinian Appeal for Solidarity

Please like and share these pages for Bruce Springsteen (kite-flying maybe but it has been in the Israeli media a lot)

Bruce Springsteen: Working on a Dream for justice, not apartheid
And Ana Moura – 27th January and performing in Dublin beforehand
Ana Moura: Please Don’t Sing for Apartheid
Arch Enemy who have banned and deleted BDS postings from their official page
Arch Enemy: Resist Playing for Apartheid Israel