Dealing to Zionist Smears of the Occupy Wall Street Movement

In contrast to a hedge fund-bankrolled Emergency Committee For Israel scraping the bottom of the barrel to smear Occupy Wall Street as antisemitic, Jewish people are joining the protests in an indication that policies beloved of zionist and neoliberal elites are not for them.

#OccupyWallStreet: Yom Kippur Celebration in Support of Occupy Wall Street

Kol Nidre @ Occupy Wall St.

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On Charges of “antisemitism” at Occupy Wall Street

“But then I see one Daniel Sieradski, whose primary purpose in life seems to be com­modi­tiz­ing his dissent, sug­gest­ing that a sign which reads, “End financial aid to Israel, end occu­pa­tion of Gaza,” is going to scare off the “7 million” [sic] Jewish New Yorkers who support murdering Pales­tin­ian children. According to this line of thinking, if the Occupy Wall Street Protests are going to attract a broader base – like the mostly middle class or working class Arab com­mu­ni­ties in Bay Ridge, the Iraqi cab drivers, the Yemeni and Egyptian deli operators and the Moroccan kebab-stand pro­pri­etors of Manhattan and Brooklyn, the mostly poor or working Afghan, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi com­mu­ni­ties on Coney Island Avenue and Queens, all of whom hate the occu­pa­tion, let alone the broader white, black, and Puerto Rican working classes whose tax dollars go, in yearly three billion dollar chunks, to Israeli Aircraft Indus­tries in the holy land or straight to Raytheon and Boeing in America, in the process chopping up some Lebanese and Pales­tin­ian children into pieces – they have to drop issues like the occu­pa­tion and military aid to Israel.”

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‘Besides the blackmail, Hamad further pointed out that patients were always insulted and sometimes, are forced to take their clothes off under the pretext of Israeli security.

“Israeli intelligence told me, ‘If you do not agree to cooperate with us, you will never recover and you will die in Gaza’.

“They also asked me to provide them with information about Palestinian militants,”‘

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