No Normalisation of Apartheid in Marrickville, Thanks

Say NO to normalisation of apartheid through visits by Israeli/Palestinian AFL teams under the guise of ‘peace’. Eleanor Kilroy writes at Mondoweiss:

A ‘Peace Team’, co-sponsored by the Peres Center and Al Quds Association for Democracy and Dialogue, will take part in the Australian Football League (AFL) Cup this August. In preparation, a delegation from the Australian Football League visited Israel this month to meet with the Peace Team, accompanied by Australian media, (which might explain why one of the Team’s sponsors is Sydney’s Israel Travel Centre). The Team will also participate in a welcome function at Marrickville Town Hall on 18 August. This is in spite of the fact that Marrickville Council voted to “in principle” support a Green Party-led boycott of cultural and sporting exchanges with Israeli institutions. Archbishop Desmond Tutu sent a letter praising the Council for taking a stand, noting that ‘Ten Marrickville councillors – five Greens, four Labor and one independent – voted to support the boycott campaign against Israel last December, provoking condemnation from federal and state politicians, Jewish groups and media commentators. The motion was overturned in April, when all the Labor and two Green councillors withdrew their support.’ Ziyaad Lunat, a member of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) National Committee (BNC), told me “Al-Quds Association are part of a program that includes a stop-over at Marrickville, Australia, participating in anti-BDS propaganda set up by pro-occupation groups.” As ‘Merc’ says in the post Foul Play, ‘all it took was a little email from a Zionist, and the Victorian Greens (‘we’), without any discernible thought or research, threw caution to the winds and embraced a cheap little Zionist BDS-busting PR stunt.’ I asked Australians for Palestine’s Public Advocate, Samah Sabawi, to comment and she said, “What can be more appealing for those of us in Australia who are passionate about peace in Israel/Palestine than to welcome the AFL Peace Team? The answer: the idea that when members of this team return to their homes, the Palestinian players would not have to go through dehumanising checkpoints, around high barbed wire walls and into Bantustans surrounded and suffocated by a matrix of Jewish-only roads, settlements and security zones.”

The Al Quds Association for Democracy and Dialogue “AFDD” has a facebook page – let them know what you think about their efforts to obscure Israeli apartheid.

Omar Barghouti – BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) – The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights
Filmed at Socialism 2011 in Chicago

“It is not a Jewish It is an Israeli, colonial apartheid issue and it should stay within those parameters.”

“Any one who says ‘all Jews are …’, anything that comes after ‘are…’, is an antisemite. … Zionism treat Jews as super-human, Nazis treat Jews as sub-human. But both dehumanise Jews.”

“Saying BDS is antisemitic is antisemitic.”

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Randa Abdel-fattah in The Age:

‘Time and again, I met Israelis who exhibited an unashamed sense of entitlement that seemed justified by a deeply held belief that Palestinians deserve their situation because they refuse to recognise Israel’s right to be a state that legally discriminates against them, granting differential legal rights and privileges to its own Jewish citizens and to Jews anywhere in the world. This model of racial division is entrenched.’

Peter Wertheim executive director, Executive Council of Australian Jewry’s drivelly, prevaricative reply
MELBOURNE Jewish Radio (MJR), which ran defunct community station Lion FM, breached several aspects of its licence conditions, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).
Samah Sabawi’s interview along with David Shoebridge on SBS Arabic news on Sylvia Hale and Vivienne Porzsolt’s victory in Israel

Bad news for Murdoch can only be good news for Palestinians

“As far as the Palestinians are concerned, bad news for Murdoch can only be good news for them. Murdoch’s deeply held sympathy for Israel and his enmity towards the Palestinians is clear for all to see. His tabloid press have a track record of Islamophobia and of stirring up hatred against Palestinians.”

When the Marrickville BDS resolution was up against the wall, Marduk’s The Australian gave virtually no coverage to Palestinian voices, or BDS voices at all. Instead Marduk published a procession of zionists, spinning crap.