It’s Not Simply a Question of Different Views

In your next spare five seconds, please make sure to join the new 20 Days to Macy Gray Project Facebook group. Let’s help educate performers it’s just not cool to provide the apartheid Israel government with a propaganda gift, no matter how much stars might think their fans need them.

Long Live Palestine! this is for the child that is looking for an answer …

Palestine / Israel Links

Ntsebeza, former Truth & Reconciliation Commissioner, backs call for Israel boycott
Palestinian Federation of Unions of University Professors and Employees (PFUUPE) wishes to reiterate its firm opposition to any bilateral or multilateral relationships between Palestinian and Israeli academic institutions (PACBI)
Emir Kusturica, do not go to Israel!
The man in the high castle: a look at Galant’s house
Israel’s Man in Palestine
JNF, BDS and the Beduin
Israel already being Arizona, meaning with discriminatory laws like Arizonan’s anti-immigrant law
IOF troops injure four pregnant women in Shufat
The IDF: Lying as Usual (vers. 2,684,318)
Latest official lies from the IOF abour Jawaher Abu Rahma’s death from unofficial sources : IDF findings: Palestinian woman died of Atropine overdose
IDF Spokesperson: We Made It All Up …Don’t We Always?
71 Palestinian Women Forced to Labor at Checkpoints-Israelis Deny Women Access to Hospitals, Clinics
Israeli Racism
UN says demolitions of Palestinian houses in occupation jumped 60 percent, ‘09 to ‘10, keeping pace with settlement boom
Pathetic – no charge from the murderous zionist entity : Soldier Who Shot Sleeping Palestinian Man “Discharged From Duty”
Ian McEwan says he will accept Jerusalem prize
Hamas: The release of Abu Assaud was her legal right, not a favor from anyone
Israeli army discharges soldier for shooting Palestinian civilian
Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (13-19 January 2011)
LSE Israel Boycott Debate [mp3] Dr John Chalcraft & Professor Daniel Hochhauser
No place to sleep for Lydd family
Letter Urges Obama To Support UN Resolution On Israeli Settlements
New J Street Policy Statement on Settlement Expansion & UN Security Council Resolution

Wikileaks Links

WikiLeaks Admission: US Officials Say Damage from Cables is Limited
WikiLeaks [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED] by John McCarthy [pdf]
Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to the mines we go! 22.10.2008: MINERALS ABOUND IN AFGHANISTAN, AN UPDATE ON THE SECTOR
Strong reactions in Turkey to Wikileaks revelation of CIA flights
Why the media blackout of WikiLeaks-Belarus scandal?
WikiLeaks: US attempted to purchase KH-31 missiles in Belarus : ‘Below is the full version of the documents provided to the online newspaper by representative of the WikiLeaks media organization Israel Shamir.’

Other Links

Belarus: Repeated searches at offices of Human Rights Centre Viasna
A State of Permanent Human Bondage – Iraq
Adriatic Sea Ruined By NATO Weapons, Depleted Uranium, Toxic Waste
CIA-trained ‘terrorist’ in US court : Accused of killing 73 in an airline bombing, Luis Posada Carriles charged with immigration violations, not terrorism.
Thousands march against Tunisia’s “unity” government
World Focus: France favoured autocracy as a bulwark against radical Islam
Baby Doc’ wants Haiti presidency : Former president Jean-Claude Duvalier seeks a return to power, despite facing corruption and theft charges.
A Culture of Denial: Criminalization in the US
L’Autorité palestinienne interdit une manifestation de soutien à la Tunisie
First – in the name of all Tunesien people – I want to thank Anonymous. Anonymous were the only ones to help us. Anonymous has blocked all governmental websites [of Tunesia] because they [the Tunesien government] have blocked? our internet access so we may not get information. Thank you Anonymous! We want to let you know that you have found new allies and that there are many more people living in oppresion.