The Bourgeois Australian Labor Party

Why have I not come across this before? so much would have been made clear.

Vladimir Lenin said: “The Australian Labor Party does not even call itself a socialist party. Actually it is a liberal bourgeois party, while the so-called Liberals are really conservative.”

So that’s why the chardonnay drinking chattering pseudo-left colonises the working class, and workers who do not aspire to be like their social ‘superiors’ are alienated and delegitimised, encouraged by the complicit, servile mainstream media.

“And in this era of printing and parliamentarism it is impossible to gain the following of the masses without a widely ramified, systematically managed, well-equipped system of flattery, lies, fraud, juggling with fashionable and popular catchwords, and promising all manner of reforms and blessings to the workers right and left – as long as they renounce the revolutionary struggle for the overthrow of the bourgeoisie …”

Time for a sea change in the left in Australia.