The Nut Prince vs SuperObama

In discussions of Netanyahu’s reprehensible, cunningly concocted response to Obama, with its preposterous, humiliating demands for recognition of Israel as a Jewish state despite 24% (and rising rapidly) of its citizens being Palestinian, the grudging formation of an unviable, demilitarised, powerless Palestinian serf state with no control over its borders or airspace, for Jerusalem to belong to Israel, and for ‘natural growth’ of the noxious illegal settlements, a friend mentioned the King of Jordan’s interview with the Times a month or so ago. When the Dark Prince spoke of his willingness to conduct direct negotiations with Arab leaders anywhere, even Jerusalem, he may well have been aiming his words at the King.

In his Times interview, the perceptive King said if Netanyahu stalled in negotiations, it would undermine Obama (and of course delay peace, the much-forestalled formation of Israel’s borders and the return any of the land misappropriated by Israel). Americans seem to be cottoning onto Obama’s stated wish for real peace – his popularity is such that they are turning against the spoilt Zionists – Prince Nut may well have over-estimated the patience of Israel’s longstanding benefactors. Obama however sanctioned 10 years of military aid well in advance of his speech.

The King of Jordan also said that if negotiations for a viable Palestinian state drag on, there will be another war in 12-18 months. Israel recently conducted its largest ever military exercises – focussing on a war with multiple targets, including Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Gaza. Who are the Israeli hegemons planning on tricking into a conflagration this time on yet another false pretext to perpetuate victimhood and an overweaning need for self-defence? How many of the 57 states that don’t recognise the pariah state will they again antagonise against the US and what will that do for Obama’s efforts for peace? how will an Israeli war against multiple states lessen the threat of terrorism against US citizenry, once more offered up for sacrifice to the hungry apartheid fascist jackals who perpetually seem to attain the highest office in chronically shell-shocked Israel? Will Obama call Nutanyahoo’s bluff, or have the deals already been done, the cake divided and the crumbs packed in tinselled paper for the people of Palestine, with a rehearsed military smackdown in the wings if they do not eat what they are given?

It’s on the cards that the Prince seek a firy diversion from negotiations for a permanent settlement with the Palestinian people. Since 1948, It has always been so.