Discussion of Israeli Fascism on Democracy Now

Amy Goodman interviews Dr. Mustafa Barghouti and Professor Neve Gordon on the shrill tenor of current Israeli politics, noting creeping fascism within all major parties and a flourishing culture of impunity. Because Western governments refuse to sanction Israel’s heinous acts, choosing instead to follow the bankrupt Israel only line, those with no respect for justice or human rights feel more than ever they can commit crimes of violence without any fear of retribution, as they have escaped censure for the recent horrors inflicted on the Gazan people.

Nutanyahoo supports stripping citizenship from those who are ‘disloyal’ to the ‘state’ along with Lieberman, the problem is how? Lieberman hasn’t a plan which Nutso can get away with satisfactorily – yet.

Neve Gordon says there is a racist culture within Israel and neo-Fascists like Lieberman are feeding upon the Israeli people’s decades fermented hatred for the Arabs. Palestinians are an inconvenience to the cryptoZionist, who dreams of thieving ALL the land they would like and to hell with anyone else. Gordon feels Israeli politics is at a watershed moment.

In discussing who is ‘loyal’ or ‘not loyal’ to Israhell with a view to banishing them, Lieberman and Nutanyahoo are talking about ethnic cleansing 23% of the Israeli population who happen to be Arab – and these cryptofascists are getting away with at least conspiring about doing it.

Barghouti has some hopes of Mitchell and Obama, and can feel the breeze of change. He regards Israel’s assault on Gaza as a preemptive strike against the Obama administration, to restrict the peace process to the Annapolis agreement failures, so settlement activities can continue unchallenged.