US Lawyers find evidence of possible war crimes in Gaza

Eight American lawyers have spent five days interviewing individuals and communities to determine whether “violations of international law occurred and whether U.S. domestic law has been violated as a consequence” from the Israeli attack on the Gazan people. The delegation says in their concluding remarks that they are “seriously concerned by our initial findings”.

We have found strong indications of violations of the laws of war and possible war crimes committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip. We are particularly concerned that most of the weapons that were found used in the December 27 assualt on Gaza are US-made and supplied. We believe that Israel’s use of these weapons may constitute a violation of US law, and particularly the Foreign Assistance Act and the US Arms Export Control Act.

A report of our initial findings will be compiled and submitted to, among others, members of the United States Congress. We intend to push for an investigation by the United States government into possible violations by Israel of US law. We also hope to contribute our finding and efforts to other efforts by local and international lawyers to push for accountability against those found responsible for the egregious crimes that we have documented.