Israeli Army Rabbis teach disrespect of Geneva Conventions

Well, you may think the above murderous religious wackos are weird, but Rabbi Shmuel Elyahu takes the fruitcake prize.

The Chief Rabbi of Safed, Rabbi Shmuel Elyahu, visited a Bnei Akiva yeshiva in Ashdod Thursday where he declared the war against Hamas as “a war of the people of Israel against Amalek.”

The yeshiva had originally been in the settlement of Neveh Dekalim and was evacuated in 2005 along with similar communities in the Gaza Strip.

“This is not a private war of Shmuel and Moshe against Muhammad, but a war of the nation of Israel against those wishing to destroy Jews. This is a [Hamas] war against Judaism and that is how it should be seen,” Rabbi Elyahu said.