Brisbane protest for Gaza – Israel continues to breach cease fire

Boycott Israel Now – Israeli apartheid and colonialism is unacceptable. Look for the telltale 729 on bar codes which denotes Israeli products.

Lobby Kevin Rudd to stop any free trade agreement with Israel, break all military ties and support for the apartheid Israeli state. Kevin Rudd’s twitter is @KevinRuddPM

Other contact details for Kevin Rudd.

Michael Brull from Independent Australian Jewish Voices is published in New Matilda with an open letter to the Israeli Ambassador to Australia – who should be sent packing for his interference in our Australian democracy.

Do you really think that you are entitled, as Israel’s ambassador to Australia, to tell The Age who it should and should not be publishing?

And yet, as I read on, you climbed to even greater heights of audacity. You managed to brag about Israel’s free press and democratic credentials, while calling on our press in Australia to restrict its freedoms — which coming from you amounts to an order from a foreign administration. Perhaps, as a representative of Israel’s Government, you’ve become used to the idea of restricting critical scrutiny of Israel’s actions.?

Of course, the arrogant attitude of your Government towards those who dare criticise Israel’s actions is nothing new. I haven’t forgotten when your Government decided that it would not allow academic Norman Finkelstein into Israel. Your free press did manage to speak out about that, but your demonstration of contempt for freedom of opinion was surprising in its brazenness.