Polls on Israel – an ongoing post

Poll flashbacks:

BBC poll: Israel has worst world image March 07 – Israel was viewed negatively by 56 percent of respondents and positively by 17 percent

2003 European Poll: Israel Biggest Threat To World Peace

Polls on Gaza in Jan 6-12/09 Poll, 36% of US citizens polled felt Israel used excessive force in Gaza, with 20% undecided.

Syd Walker poll commentary “The Invisible Gaza Opinion Polls”

Tipsy Livni ironically was ahead in the election polls in Israel before the advent of the Gaza massacre – now Netanyahoo leads.

While Israelis desperately try to minimise Gazan casualties

The latest opinion poll released gave Mr Netanyahu’s Likud 35 seats, up two and Miss Livni’s Kadima 25, down two and Mr Barak’s Labour 15, unchanged. It was the first double-digit lead for Mr Netanyahu over Kadima in the race for seats in the 120-member Knesset for weeks.

Israeli perceptions of US election candidates

Irish Times Poll Jan 23/09 – Do you think the West should lift its boycott on political contact with the Palestinian Hamas movement? 65% Yes 35% No

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