2 Replies to “Israeli War Crimes – Inside Story”

  1. You keeping turning out great stories and showing great videos Jin.

    As your stats tell you, people are watching. Few feel confident to comment. But that’s changing too.


    1. After today’s atrocities and crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli war behemoth – particularly the shelling of hospitals, for God’s sake, with sick and wounded inside, UN compounds, and Red Cross facilities, it should be clear who are the real enemies of Zionism – international law, the Geneva Conventions and anyone who is not Israeli.

      These are monsters, they are committing acts of atrocity on a scale Nazis only dreamt of. I’ve been crying, watching the white phosphorus bombs rain down on Gaza City.

      The blood lust, the hideous frenzy of self-righteousness of 90% of Israel’s citizens reminds one of the mass psychosis of Germans under Nazi rule. I just can’t believe the world cannot bring itself to act to stop them. By its unconscionable acts, Israel has destroyed itself. No thinking, rational, feeling person could possibly support their terrorist state after this.

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