A Historical Perspective – the Methodical Dispossession of Arabs in Palestine

In an interview with Muslims for Freedom, Roqayah Chamseddine, an articulate Muslim woman and aspiring defence attorney, gives a comprehensive, historically correct account of the land theft process committed by Zionists in Palestine with the collusion of the British, leading to the unilateral declaration of Israel in 1947 by Zionists and the brutal Occupation of the indigenous people of the area which followed. She argues cogently for a one state peaceful solution.

The interview includes an outline of the relevant international laws of which Israel has been in breach since its inception and how these breaches have sustained resistance and a sense of injustice in the region.

Whilst perpetrating ethnic cleansing of Arabs, Zionists have projected an illegitimate stance of entitlement at the expense of the legal inhabitants of the region who were illegally transferred. Zionist intentions are to expand territory from the Euphrates to the Nile at the expense of the local inhabitants. 7.5 million people have been made refugees by Zionists, refugees who under international law are entitled to return to their land.

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  1. Ad Hom’s do not get you anywhere sir,but they do speak volume’s about your own mental capability or lack thereof.
    International law is applicable to all nations,thus the name “INTERNATIONAL” – being that the show covered Israel and Zionism it was directly more towards those two theme’s,so please do not play the typical Zionist semantic’s game.

    I never once stated that Israel SUDDENLY took over the land,did you forget the civil war of 48′ that I mentioned between the rightful inhabitants and the mandated occupiers?


    Thank you for helping people understand just why Uri Avery (AN ANTI-ZIONIST JEW) says the following:
    “For many people it is difficult to give up the Zionist myths with which they grew up. They try to evade any discussion on this subject – and indeed, it is hardly ever mentioned in our media.”
    -Uri Avnery

  2. That girl being interviewed certainly knows some history cause is deliberately avoided mentioning all the wars the Arab states declared on Israel. Israel, at 48, just “suddenly” took over land until 67. She states the Jewish population was “diminishing” not mentioning they were forcefully EXILED by the greater powers conquering the land. She keeps yapping and spreading misinformation and giving a completely twisted version of the history of this place and the conflict.

    She keeps talking about “international law says this” and “international law says that”, completely ignoring palestinians and the surrounding arab countries around Israel don’t care about the international law. For some reason, it only applies on Israel.

    I’m from Ashkelon and Hamas been firing rockets on my city for more than a year now – into civilian population on intend to kill civilians. Only 10 minutes drive away from Ashkelon people are suffering these rockets for *8 years*. Of course, this is not a “violation of international law”, its “justified resistance”.

    All in all, you REALLY have to be complete idiot to take this girl’s version of history as the truth.

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