Song for Gaza

Are there any words left for the atrocities in which the the Israeli government is self-righteously revelling, in a pre election obscene blood orgy. Genocidal and depraved, flaunting its mighty weapons before the eyes of the world,it, Israel has rendered itself devoid of humanity, killing with impunity (827 people thus far) including humanitarian workers, medics, ambulances, hospitals, mosques, shops and hundreds of homes while governments, restricted by the hasbara-ridden ignorant, religiously superstitious, errant and culpable US government – let them never think that they are ‘good’ again, are suckered into the malignant victimhood of a pariah, necrophilic, human rights violating state. For Israel’s malevolent war crimes and crimes against humanity continue despite UNSC 1860, and their iniquities are beyond words. People have had no water for five days – a friend said that denying water was a favourite method of destruction used by the IOF as it saves using bullets on children, who dehydrate quicker than adults. Dead and wounded lie everywhere under rubble. Nowhere is safe, and there is no exit or place to hide because the Palestinian people’s foul jailor has locked in 1.5 million.

Whilst playing a terrified victim, Israel has viciously, inexcusably oppressed the Palestinian people, with a series of Machiavellian strategies denying their legitimate aspirations for 65 years.

Stalinesque is not too strong a descriptive word to use for the Israeli government’s actions.

America may have invited a bitter fate in return for its immorality, and indulging of its perverse most favoured state in its refusal to condemn, its inability to perceive war crimes involved in thesupply of weapons which are employed by the 4th most militarised state on the planet to commit collective punishment on a million and a half people. Possibly that is what the ghouls of finance, the trogs from the weapons industry, want – these parasites must feast from their loungerooms on the corpses of the wretched and dispossessed.

Would any other western nation, except for the similarly afflicted US, commit acts of such barbarity?

Anyone who is complicit in this abomination should seek medical attention as soon as possible – yet can there be a cure for virulent national sociopathy?

For a far better written first hand narration and background than I can provide, visit Rafahkid in the rubble that is Rafah.