Israel Destroys Medical Infrastructure in Palestine

Physicians for Human Rights-Israel documents contraventions to the Geneva Conventions and human rights violations as Israel attacks beleaguered, impoverished Gaza on false pretexts. In fact Israel breached the cease fire with Hamas on November 4 in several instances.

Israeli propaganda site Israel Politik, run by the Israeli Consulate in New York, has still failed to publish our refutation of their lies that Hamas breached the cease fire.

Yoram Cohen, till recently Deputy Directory of the Shin Bet confirmed Israel breached the cease fire. He wrote:

a similar account for the Washington Institute.

“Last week, Israeli forces entered Gaza, destroyed an underground border tunnel, and battled Hamas fighters, leaving several militants dead. In response, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired around eighty rockets into southern Israel, including the Israeli city of Ashkelon,” he wrote

“On June 19, 2008, Israel and Hamas began observing an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire, which was intended to last six months with an option to extend. In general, Hamas has observed the ceasefire; the number of attacks and rocket launches has decreased significantly, and Hamas has prevented other Gaza militant organizations from striking Israel,” wrote Cohen.

CNN confirms Israel broke the truce in the video below:

On Jan 2, PHR-Israel said:

Since fighting began in the Gaza Strip, PHR-Israel has received 6 reports of Israeli Air Force attacks on medical insfrustructure and personnel.

On Jan 4, the UN alerted the world to further Israeli attacks on medical infrastructure.

This morning, an ambulance of Al Awda hospital in the north was shelled, seriously injuring 4 medical staff. Palestine Square in central.

In addition:

It is essential that patients and ambulances are able to reach hospitals, that agencies are able to access warehouses in order to conduct distributions. Currently movement within the Strip is severely challenged.

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