Dining on Mufti

Hilaly and Cat

From the august Australian Constitution

116. The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

Yet a wave of disapprobation from our servants in Parliament on both sides of the bench is rising against Hilaly, who besides being an Australian citizen since 1990, is still ordained as Mufti of Australia at least for the next three months. The lines between religion and politics are blurring.

Sheik Taj has been reported in the Iranian papers – another propaganda coup for that wily regime.

The mufti of Australia has called on the Islamic world to stand in the trenches with the Islamic Republic of Iran which possesses the might and the power.

Sunni imams in Asstralia are nervous.

Muslim leaders said the sheik had no authority to speak on their behalf.

“As an Australian Muslim, it’s very worrying to me that he’s speaking on (our) behalf,” said Sydney-based imam Khalil Shami.

“Because really, the Iranian people don’t know we’re not behind Alhilali.

“And if you ask Sunni Muslims, you will find 99 per cent are not with Iran. So this hurts us and worries us.”

Whilst there is no question that the infamous Hilaly, like several other deplorable fundo Whorestralian religious freaks, has uttered some very offensive, divisive idiocies, has he broken any Australian law? He’s now under investigation for possible passing on monies whilst in Lebanon to a supporter of the Iraqi insurgency, Sheik Bilal Shaaban, to fund his radio station.

Would it truly serve the needs of the Asstralian people if Hilaly was martyred by imprisonment? Despite the division and unrest this might cause, given the Libs’ present electoral unpopularity the cunning rodent is likely to grab any political advantage with three paws.

As Austrolabe points out, yesterday the presumptuous Kevvie was demanding that the government revoke Muslim convert and journalist Yvonne Ridley’s visa. Avoiding a possible rodential wedge and inconvenient regurgitations of the past, today Kevvie called for Hilaly “who’s gone out there and defended pack rapists” to be removed as Whorestralian Mufti immediately rather than wait three months.

The petulant Lady Downer played up the nuclear fear factor.

Is he calling for people to support Iran’s nuclear program, is he calling for Iran to become a nuclear weapons state?

In support Buttocks weighed in heavily:

I would be concerned if any Australian was offering support and succour to Iran, particularly as it is intent on pursuing the development of nuclear fuel cycle outside international scrutiny.

Will UCL shareholders be shaking in their boots?

Kevin Andrews went one better, calling on Sheik Taj to think about leaving Australia.

Given their anti-human rights activities and past nefarious involvement in electoral processes, perhaps to be consistent our parliamentary vassals might extend a similar invitation to the peculiar Exclusive Brethren who are apparently eyeing off the political scenario in Bennelong.

Members of the Exclusive Brethren are keeping their options open on becoming involved in the campaign in Prime Minister John Howard’s seat of Bennelong. Brethren spokesman Tony McCorkell said: “No one has any formal plans, but no one is ruling it out.”

Twenty five ex-Brethren members have written to Ms McKew warning her about past Brethren activity. They say that in 2004, Greens Bennelong candidate Andrew Wilkie was subjected to “verbal intimidation” by Stephen Hales and others.”The media has been described by former world leader of the Exclusive Brethren, John Hales (father of Bruce) as ‘the scourge of the Western world’ … We are concerned that you, as a prominent former member of the media, and daring to stand against the Brethren’s favourite politician in his own seat, could feel their wrath.”

The signatories say they are “very disturbed about the level of financial support the Brethren have provided to conservative parties”.

Should the “Elect-oral Vessel” rate higher or lower in the Whorestralian extremist stakes than the “moronic Mufti”?

4 Replies to “Dining on Mufti”

  1. Irfan Yusuf draws much warranted attention to the blinkered hypocrisy of our carping pollies when the raving Assembly of God loony Danny Nalliah sanctions other male raving loonies’ wife bashing.

    Divorce must be kept in line with scripture and remarriage should only be on the grounds of sexual infidelity, as upheld by Christian leaders for the past 20 centuries.

    As Irfan points out:

    Will John Howard remind us all of a small minority of Pentecostal Christians needing to learn Australian values like equality for women? Will Kevin Andrews tell Mr Nalliah to consider leaving Australia? Will Kevin Rudd suggest removing Nalliah’s citizenship?

    It’s OK for Danny Nalliah to behave like a Christian version of Hilaly, effectively telling women in his congregation to shut up and take it when their husbands bash them up. He’ll probably still receive a reference from Treasurer Peter Costello for his next court case. No doubt the PM will still send a special Australia Day message to Nalliah’s Catch The Fire Ministries.

  2. Strike a light. Kevvie is trying to outwowser Johnny. Will this tiff with Muffy devolve into a Nazi purge stoush?

    Labor leader Kevin Rudd has urged the Federal Government to review Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilali’s Australian citizenship after his latest remarks declaring himself more Australian than Prime Minister John Howard.

    And Mr Howard today again called for Auysralian Muslims to dump their mufti, who he said brought ridicule on their community.

    In an uncharacteristic defence of the Prime Minister, Mr Rudd blasted the controversial Islamic cleric, saying: “As you know, I’m not a natural supporter of the Prime Minister, but Mr Howard is as Australian as I am”.

    “The sheikh is out there, I think, just seeking crazy publicity, as he seems to do on a daily basis.”

    The Muslim cleric declared himself “more Aussie than Howard” in an interview with a News Limited newspaper, in which he called the Prime Minister a dictator.

    “It’s a disgrace for the leader of a democratic country to be picking on religious people, especially one who is practising a form of dictatorship that could almost be Saddam Hussein-like,” the sheikh told the paper.

    “I respect Australian values more than he does.”

    This week, Iranian media quoted the mufti as urging Australian Muslims “to stand in the trenches with the Islamic Republic of Iran which possesses the might and the power”.

    Mr Rudd said the comments bordered on violating Australia’s counter-terrorism laws because Iran supports the “global terrorist organisation” Hezbollah.

    Mr Howard sais that, while the sheikh’s comments should be treated as a joke, “there is still a serious issue with this man”.

    Are my ears deceiving me or is Rudd sounding more self-righteously rightwing than the rodent? Aussie citizenship isn’t something to be stripped from someone who mouths off against in support of a nation we aren’t at war with. If Rudd wanted to be consistent he should immediately declare the United Stupids off bounds for running the MEK terrorism in Iran.

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