An Upper and a Downer

Finally, David Hicks’ plight is hitting the US media with more prominence, helping to ratchet up the shame on the presidential chimp and his brownshirt zookeepers. And the ALP have petitioned Nancy Pelosi for his release – excellent move!

“As members of the Australian Parliament, we ask that members of the US Congress take steps to bring about to the return to Australia of Australian citizen David Hicks, – a detainee held at Guantanamo Bay for more than five years – for prosecution here,” the letter says.”We believe that the denial of justice in David Hicks’ case erodes values and principals shared by Australia and the US.

“We are also concerned that the ongoing absence of justice in David Hicks’ case is serving to undermine international efforts to combat terrorism.”

Mr Hicks’ lawyers claimed today that the Australian was shown a photo of Saddam Hussein hanging from a rope after his execution.

Photos of the former Iraqi leader’s trial also were shown to Mr Hicks and other inmates held at the US military’s Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.

Showing the photos and articles breached the Geneva Conventions designed to protect prisoners of war, his lawyers said.

Greens leader Bob Brown said the showing of the pictures was “premeditated torture”.

“The Hicks saga goes from bad to worse,” Senator Brown said.

“The Guantanamo Bay horror is based on unlawful behaviour and sadistic practice by the jailers.”

Senator Brown said US Vice-President Dick Cheney would have a lot to answer for when he visited Australia this month.

“The Howard government is not an innocent bystander, it is equally responsible,” Senator Brown said.”

Little Johnny, the chimp’s biggest fan, is now facing an electorate wherein “62 percent of Australians oppose the way the Iraq war has been handled.” I think that’s an underestimate.

The ludicrous antics of Howard lackey, Alexander Downer in response to the unfortunate Kafkesque plight of Hicks, are etched with acid by Barry Everingham:

With his head firmly planted where it spends so much time, deep in his anus, this idiot of a person ridiculed Australians who defend David Hicks.

Downer, Australia’s failed foreign minister who is regarded as a sick joke in at the United Nations, has taken as gospel the word of a junior diplomat at the Canberra Embassy of the USA, who saw Hicks and reported to our Billy Bunter clone that the prisoner was in “good shape”.

Everingham reminds us of Downer’s inglorious past and tacky habits – maybe Downer is a tourette’s syndrome sufferer?

“It’s common knowledge that Downer’s favorite words begin with ‘f’ and ‘c’ and he of course is the terror of his Department, known to sack distinguished diplomats who fall foul of him for petty implied faults, like stuffing up a car timetable for instance. Readers should be reminded that when Downer was a junior diplomat he was assessed by his superiors as being of ‘fair average quality’ – public service shorthand for ‘he will never make it'”.

And his heart is of course as big as all outdoors. The day Kim Beazley was replaced by Kevin Rudd which happened also to be the day Kim’s beloved brother died, Downer was waiting in an ABC studio to be interviewed and he was listening to a absolutely saddening and heart wrenching Beazley interview going to air.

Downer was giggling and chortling away when an ABC journalist reminded Downer that Kim’s brother had died earlier in the day.

“Yes, I know”, giggled Downer.

Downer spends a lot of time in the United States where he is tickled on the tummy by the Bush team, ever grateful that someone agrees with their policy, even a drop kick like this parody of a human being called Alexander Downer.

If these ridiculous, loathsome twerps are not voted out of office this year, it will be hard to resist the urge which has been building for some time to depart this ethically moribund, ruined nation for more civilised climes. Spain is looking more and more attractive.