Coalition of the Gobbling vs Iran 11

While IAEA director general, Mohamed ElBaradei, urges concern and caution, warning that an attack of Iran would be catastrophic, the Israeli warmongers hustle for support for bombing hell out of it. They should be had up for inciting violence, yet get away with their belligerence as usual. The Israel lobby is sufficiently strong enough that Republicans crawl to it to help woo the fundamentalist rightwing vote.

In the words of the Prince of Darkness himself:

“Richard Perle, former head of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board and a vocal advocate for military action to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, said voters should expect to hear a lot of hawkish foreign policy speeches from presidential contenders.”They’ll all sound like Romney,” said Perle, now at the American Enterprise Institute. “They’ll all talk tough about Iran.”

The sleazy Olmert, under investigation for corruption and rapidly becoming very unpopular with his electorate, ramps up the idea that Israhell will use any means at its disposal to defend itself against nuclear threat from Iran. Not that there is a existing threat. This is the Iraq WMD propaganda all over again.

Zionism sucks just as much as the tyrannical Saudi oligarchy.

Arab League secretary, Amr Moussa added to IEAE concerns in Davos:

“There is a 50/50 chance the United States will attack Iran and any such strike would risk spreading sectarian violence through the Middle East. It’s a 50/50 proposition, and we hope that it won’t happen. Attacking Iran would be counterproductive.”

Yet if sectarian violence engulfs the Middle East, the Israeli hawks won’t care – divide and conquer will suit them nicely as while others, further stereotyped as terrorists, battle – Israel will use the cover to grab more land. But the United Stupids will pay for this – oil prices will skyrocket. And their blood will be further spilled to protect the apartheidist land thieves.

One point of view in the above article and another in the Australian was interesting … the Saudis may cooperate with the United Stupids to put a squeeze on the oil price to crash the Iranian economy which is largely dependent on oil. This would also further Saudi fundo Sunni schemes to maintain their political control of the region. Thus, if the oil price drops radically, we will know the chances of Iran being attacked have increased.

Of course, when one is also aware that the Saudi dictators have been buying up gold bigtime lately, the story all starts to hang together. 😉 It’ll suit them just fine to drive the POO down – gold will follow. Will the United Stupids’ finances be presented in a rosy enough light to enable this in the week to come?



Here’s the Australian article:

A senior British military source said yesterday that the Israelis were serious about the use of military force to stop Iran, and were now engaged in preparing public opinion for such a prospect. “They’re watering the turf. The Iranians are not under enough pressure,” the source said.

Israeli officials who spoke to the Independent this week refused to go into details about the possible catastrophic regional fallout from military strikes, although one source said that if they were restricted to Iran’s Natanz facility where its centrifuges are known to be enriching uranium, “there would be headlines in the papers for two days.”

But any military campaign would provoke retaliation by Iran which is expected to reactivate its Hezbollah allies on the border with Israel, who according to officials here have been rearming with missiles since the end of the summer campaign. The 140,000 American troops inside Iraq could be significant targets of the Iranians. Syria could also be drawn into a wider war, although the Israelis believe that both Syria and Russia would remain on the sidelines.

Other questions concern the Bush administration’s appetite for another war, already bogged down in Iraq and facing calls from the Democrat-led Congress for a phased withdrawal.

And the strength of the Israeli armed forces would be further tested after their flawed campaign against Hezbollah in Lebanon. “The IDF are not as good as they think they are,” said the British source. “It’™s an army of conscripts, commanded by reserve officers. Do you want to send conscripts into a war for the national interest?”

Some analysts say that in any case, miitary strikes would be counter-productive as they would only delay, and not stop, Iran’s nuclear programme.

Another thought about the oil price … if the United Stupids are going to double their strategic reserve, it would suit them nicely for the Saud tyrants to drive the POO down to help their disgusting buddies out. The topping up starts in 2 months – coinciding interestingly with the usual dip in POG every year.

The ghastly Woolsey goes even further:

“Woolsey also warned that the United States, Israel, and their allies could face an empowered threat if various extremist factions in the region align. “The Wahhabis, al-Qaida, the Vilayat Faqih in Teheran, although often lethally competitive with one another in the way the Nazis and communists were in the 1930s, are capable of unification,” Woolsey said, according to The Jerusalem Post.”