Why focus on Israel?

Exposing Israel’s net propaganda helps prevent Israel getting away with further social injustices. These ongoing heinous injustices and flagrant aggressions have majorly contributed to very real grievances, providing fuel for terrorism against the west of which Australia is part.

We object to our current Australian government’s ill-considered, slavish pro-United States/Israeli policies – Howard’s partisan foolishness puts Australia in a very bad light and in this regard he does not serve our nation’s interests in *our* region – in fact he has increased our danger. Israel is regarded by nearly every country in the world as a pariah state because of its flaunting of international law and most especially for its hideous illegal occupation. Australia is now seen to be backing Israel’s lawlessness, which does not promote our nation’s prestige and security with our neighbours. Through Howard’s blatant favouritism, Australia has lost moral ground, not that it had much in the first place, considering its own history of settler colonial criminality and genocide.