The Israeli government is ensuring it amplifies its peculiar views throughout the internet via the use of downloadable software. The megaphonies’ public face is Amir Gissin, who works for the Israeli government.

Doron Barkat, 29, in Jerusalem, spends long nights trawling the web to try to swing the debate Israel’s way. ‘When I see internet polls for or against Israel I send out a mailing list to vote for Israel,’ he said. ‘It can be that after 15 minutes there will be 400 votes for Israel.

It’s very satisfying. There are also forums where Lebanese and Israelis talk.;

Israel’s Foreign Ministry must avoid direct involvement with the campaign but is in contact with international Jewish and evangelical Christian groups, distributing internet information packs.

Amir Gissin, the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s public relations director, said: “The internet’s become a leading tool for news, shaping the world view of millions.”

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