Vale Iraq

As we predicted before the outset, Iraq has been an almighty stuff up with the war crims Bush, Howard and Blair deserving of public humiliation and imprisonment for their illegal aggressions, deceits and slaughter.

Yet this latest aggression is just the last of a long line of deliberate interferences by western mercantilist interests to ensure long term control of foreign resources. “Terrorism” is the new bogeyman to replace the old “communism” tag, yet terrorism kills less people than lightning strikes. We can’t prevent lightning striking, yet terrorism could be prevented with social justice, alleviation of poverty and increases in public education especially for women, rather than military aggression which has proven to increase, not decrease terrorism.




Same nonsense…different location

Get your mates on H/C to pull their head in and get back to free speech

Or at least allow for a balance againt the forces that you muster


Hi Yak, just for you – I don’t know any of the mods. Dunno why my posts get pulled either.

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