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Symbolic Power Plays

Here’s another in the Unoriginal Patriarchy series, which commenced with Sol Invictus. Take It To The Max thorned on cross cock no more crows triumphant, yet salutes her mourning below. while lambs vie, coquetting with lions on foreign barricades medusa snakes writhe disapproval in mother’s grimace. kill it, kill her now recruit sisters, initiate daughters . . . → Read More if you dare: Symbolic Power Plays


light the good fires along the hills edges dissolve you’re almost in reach talk with me again remind of the nearness of all things angels cavort on the end of a pin forever mirrored in your dead eyes waiting, waiting waiting, waiting for here within i see you then another year circled squared and slaughtered . . . → Read More if you dare: Samhain

Confronting Islamophobic Propaganda on Muslim Rage

Elise Hendrick [@translator_eli] takes a satirical look at the duplicitous efforts of mainstream privileged white media to promote bigotry and Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s islamophobic, faux-feminist views. Related Links Films Don’t Start Riots Did Police Use ‘Proportionate Force’ On Film Protesters? Tired of the violence and stupidity Jeff Sparrow on the neoliberalism of ruling elites who . . . → Read More if you dare: Confronting Islamophobic Propaganda on Muslim Rage

White Australia - Nation of Bigoted Climate Savers

While the recent earthquake shook the bones of Christchurch in New Zealand, an earthquake of another kind rippled briefly through the Australian landscape. I want to make sure it is not ignored. The results of the 12 year nationwide Challenging Racism survey from the University of Western Sydney shocked me to the bone. Download the . . . → Read More if you dare: White Australia – Nation of Bigoted Climate Savers

Biblical Marriage – the facts

Snitched from Gday World Podcast Network, purveyor of fine web products.

Who’s the Christian here?

After 50 years practising as a Catholic priest, Father Peter Kennedy of South Brisbane is being dismissed from his service for ‘practices are out of communion with the Roman Catholic Church’. The decision was that of Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby alone, without advice from the Vatican. The thing ‘bringing it to a head’ was a . . . → Read More if you dare: Who’s the Christian here?

Devastation is the Bible’s Fault – the Fringe is Mainstream

TV documentary icon Sir Richard Attenborough can hardly be accused of being an environmental extremist – and now he’s confirming that which we on the Fringe have been saying for donkey’s years – the Old Testament Christian god is an irresponsible, ignorant, environmental vandal. The predominant cause of current planetary environmental devastation has roots in . . . → Read More if you dare: Devastation is the Bible’s Fault – the Fringe is Mainstream

Australian Net Censorship Catchup

No improvement to be seen, no word on when Conroy’s useless net censorship trials are to commence – and ratbag Christian fundamentalist wowsers are still prancing their absurdities, flopping their limp wobbly bits for all to see. Refresh yourself with current ultra-conservative blither and far more intelligent anti-filter rejoinders: Summary: Mark Newton Vs Jim Wallace . . . → Read More if you dare: Australian Net Censorship Catchup