Symbolic Power Plays

Here’s another in the Unoriginal Patriarchy series, which commenced with Sol Invictus. Take It To The Max thorned on cross cock no more crows triumphant, yet salutes her mourning below. while lambs vie, coquetting with lions on foreign barricades medusa snakes writhe disapproval in mother’s grimace. kill it, kill her now recruit sisters, initiate daughters . . . → Read More if you dare: Symbolic Power Plays

Sol Invictus

at midsummer feast he measures her bones the incline of her neck grey eyes like his own and she in communion surrenders her grip he captures the pearls that tumble and slip purloined, coveted he holds them fast dons robe and talisman nascent jewels past at village harvest her mother had worn with oracle sisters . . . → Read More if you dare: Sol Invictus

IWD 2015 in Asiotrailya

Gawdess save us from elitist wankers, corporate executives and merchant bankers boasting swimming pools and private schools, swanking white saviours, all the right neighbours, property profiteering, negative gearing, life’s a long beach posing with boat and 4WD for collaborators whose feminism screams upward mobility in the patriarchal tree, if you’re rich and white, the Grabbits . . . → Read More if you dare: IWD 2015 in Asiotrailya

Diva Parachuting

parasites feast on underbelly of fevered daily news cycle self-dissections in smelly articles whiny and spiteful try hard toffs from dullard spires slink to fourth and fifth estates scribbling vanity in slimy mire farming twitter with their mates waspish handmaids of plutolatry shrouded by capitalist carapace bear bitter fruit from tortured tree white stockings hold . . . → Read More if you dare: Diva Parachuting

Poem - Multiplication

Multiplication my liberation is a prime number indivisible by misogyny the boot on my neck also crushes the workers chose me first so long ago that which frightens must be controlled in the child’s face he recognised himself unsubstracted from bliss exponential substitutions a calculus of thundering heavens waves, winds, sun and a surfeit . . . → Read More if you dare: Poem – Multiplication

On Orientalism, Islam and Feminism

On World Bulletin, Levent Basturk provides analysis on the role of orientalist western disciplines on development within islamic countries, and how this phenomena serves capitalism, noting that: “The Orientalist viewed Asiatic society as a society whose social structure was characterized by the absence of civil society. In other words, a network of institutions mediating between . . . → Read More if you dare: On Orientalism, Islam and Feminism

Poems Of Domestic Revolution

Tenant from Hell (from Other People’s Lives) He cares not for mundane semiotics – weeks of encrusted dishes mount, all year I’ve begged the bludger to wash the house, sombre as my roiling mood, disdain for stains and smudges curses my brain. Mould seethes from wall to ceiling, the rot’s set in … devolution is . . . → Read More if you dare: Poems Of Domestic Revolution

Valentines For My Partner

Valentine’s Day 2013 TO MY DEAR HUSBAND may our love never become bad poetry jolting and crashing in verse dactylic vaulting jarring and halting prosaic metre, catastrophic pompous self-indulgent girth striving to fit another neologism into ironic mirth reading Burns by turns on the verandah is a small happiness, antidote to overwrought malignancy the saccharine . . . → Read More if you dare: Valentines For My Partner