Circus of Champions

Hey look over there! the shock jocks screech roll up, roll up, punters at today’s imperial circuses Cecil the lion is sacrificed on millions of web pages may the dentist be devoured! all together, outrage! (slash the minimum wage there’s a TTIP to push through rotten Bouffant Bronwyn’s helicoptering soon forgotten no need for scrutiny . . . → Read More if you dare: Circus of Champions

Invasion Day 2015

Acknowledging white settler supremacist destruction of Indigenous people and habitat. It is telling that the white settler Abbott rewards Prince Phillip when there are millions of Australians who deserve an award before him. What has Prince Phillip ever done for Australians except cost us money? . . . → Read More if you dare: Invasion Day 2015

Australian Settler Grabbit Haiku

it’s not about me but trusting new government the buck stops with me bouffant bronwyn gaffes in discontented winter bishop serves abbott march, australians to dog whistles and old dirges rule brittania rich white settler men demand free speech to enable human rights abuses dob in a colleague divert healthy criticism away from grabbit public . . . → Read More if you dare: Australian Settler Grabbit Haiku

Settler Colonialism is Nothing to Celebrate

Invasion Day 2014 i distrust whitey for bloody good reasons distrust my white privilege may i be invaded dispossessed of entitlement sail ships around ignorance predations on environment give back land to land its song to settle on me to sustain future make treaty with truth Jinjirrie, January 2014. Related Links From invasion to . . . → Read More if you dare: Settler Colonialism is Nothing to Celebrate

On Empire, Settler Colonialism and the Environment

The Fall Don’t expect me to care about your empire its sacrifices, its bloody flag that hides money men from scrutiny your capitalism, your patriarchy your imbalances, your hatred for trees, your intrepid ‘pioneers’, your usurpers, your love for hard-footed soil-squandering sheep, cattle and goats, always the goats, eroding, as you do, you and . . . → Read More if you dare: On Empire, Settler Colonialism and the Environment

Election Day 2013 - Of Privilege, Boats and Dinosaurs

Of Stoats and Boats So here’s the day of voting depression where Murdoch bigans pervert the election, democratic choice stolen by stoats Minime Canutes can’t stop the boats but piss on the people to rise the tide of ignorance, racism and bigotry inside this greedy country that doesn’t want to share and still bleats “Advance . . . → Read More if you dare: Election Day 2013 – Of Privilege, Boats and Dinosaurs

Australia's Shameful Racism Against Refugees

Why do most Australians only stir in masses about endemic racism in Australian government policy when it comes to a head, as if victimisation of refugees arriving in boats is an anomaly instead of an institution? That Australian politicians can trigger the settler population so easily to reject refugees reveals suppressed self-hatred and alienation from . . . → Read More if you dare: Australia’s Shameful Racism Against Refugees

Noosa Moves Toward De-Amalgamation

Protecting our Noosa environmental assets from development is essential – both for their intrinsic ecological values and to ensure a prosperous future for Noosa’s major industry – green tourism.As I contemplate the ongoing zionist invasion of Palestine against the popular will of Indigenous Palestinian people, this happy local event reminds me that privileged white people . . . → Read More if you dare: Noosa Moves Toward De-Amalgamation