Unleashed Cricket Venom at the ABC

There’s an offside article at ABC Unleashed today by Dileep Premachandran which disingenuously insinuates that it was Pakistani extremist elements who were responsible for the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team. Here’s an expanded version of my comment at ABC Unleashed. “Try telling that to those indoctrinated into a more poisonous faith, those infected . . . → Read More if you dare: Unleashed Cricket Venom at the ABC

Invisible Shield Competition

I’m grateful for time spent away from my computers and so far have resisted acquiring a net-capable phone device to complete my transmogrification into a 24/7 netizen. I’ll be the last kid on the block with an iPhone – yet today I won an Invisible Shield for an iPhone 3G at Tech Wired Australia. The . . . → Read More if you dare: Invisible Shield Competition

Blogfarming report

The latest changes to our fav online game, BlogShares, down today with a database crash, thus far have proved quite dreary. Last year after several months our corporation, The Untouchables, once the underdog scorned by the smug in-crowd, reached and held the top position in corporate holdings consistently. Interestingly, before the current changes, certain players . . . → Read More if you dare: Blogfarming report

The Untouchables on top

Our Blogshares team, The Untouchables, have triumphed! From our leader, MNO: “The Untouchables had a really big weekend. But today was the best of all when the interest came out, UT was #1 in shareholdings! Congratulations to the entire team and to those who worked so very hard at this milestone achievement.” After countering a . . . → Read More if you dare: The Untouchables on top


A handy device to hone literary skills – an online series of crossword puzzles, which gradually become harder on success.