The Aridity of the Settler Imagination

On Hearing a “Friend” has Voted for Hanson You’ve never met a single Muslim yet automatically you despise them, your putrid tick for racist Hanson betrays a guilty, greedy voice within. What’s the bloody difference between yours and Toadball’s border defence? It’s vapid new age love you spout and you want to keep those . . . → Read More if you dare: The Aridity of the Settler Imagination

Dealing with Climate Change from a Health Perspective

Informative presentation at WOMADelaide Planet Talks 2015 presents an excellent panel discussing some of the proactive things we can be doing to mitigate the health effects of climate change – divest from fossil fuels, reduce population by educating girls, sustain biodiversity, get engaged with bottom up community-based solutions and much more. Can Human Beings be . . . → Read More if you dare: Dealing with Climate Change from a Health Perspective

Invasion Day 2015

Acknowledging white settler supremacist destruction of Indigenous people and habitat. It is telling that the white settler Abbott rewards Prince Phillip when there are millions of Australians who deserve an award before him. What has Prince Phillip ever done for Australians except cost us money? . . . → Read More if you dare: Invasion Day 2015

Cane Toad Time

You know it’s summer in the Sunshine State when from beneath your desk there’s a shuffling sound a gruffly plop and scrape then you look down straight into the gloating gob of the most gruesome pest around here worse than the pollies, rats and mice it’s the common cane toad, that dastardly settler-borne scoundrel. . . . → Read More if you dare: Cane Toad Time

Free Noosa – De-amalgamate!

The Free Noosa submission for de-amalgamation is now available – it is sustainable, green, sensible and financial! Here’s my poem inspired by our community’s principled move toward de-amalgamation. De-Amalgamation, At Last Since the last election, Oh Blight of all our lives, the developers lament for she was their delight. Devine Homes perched upon the Board . . . → Read More if you dare: Free Noosa – De-amalgamate!

Noosa Moves Toward De-Amalgamation

Protecting our Noosa environmental assets from development is essential – both for their intrinsic ecological values and to ensure a prosperous future for Noosa’s major industry – green tourism.As I contemplate the ongoing zionist invasion of Palestine against the popular will of Indigenous Palestinian people, this happy local event reminds me that privileged white people . . . → Read More if you dare: Noosa Moves Toward De-Amalgamation

Thanks, Bob Brown – You’ll Be Missed

Leave the Land Alone We share this land of timeless dreams, mysteries of tree and bone, tribal journeys of dance and song symbols painted on stone. Songlines of the indigenes, they used to call it home, broken by colonial greed the land had never known. We poison lakes and dam up streams, this land that . . . → Read More if you dare: Thanks, Bob Brown – You’ll Be Missed

Shake, Rattle and Roll in Japan

Natural forces vs humans. Why build nuclear power plants near fault lines? Related Links When the tsunami hit – @julieposetti Location of that extraordinary #Japan #Tsunami video RT @gumb Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi-ken. Co-ords: 38.9089, 141.5698 # Japan earthquake: Footage of moment tsunami hit Before and after Japan’s Nuclear Crisis: Lessons for the U.S. All right, it’s . . . → Read More if you dare: Shake, Rattle and Roll in Japan