In which direction is the girl spinning, anti-clockwise or clockwise? Can you make her spin in both directions? Find out more here. This dichotomous animation seems analogous to the shameful assassination of Benazir Bhutto yesterday. Depending on the observer, she either died from banging her head on the car sunroof, or she was shot, . . . → Read More if you dare: Spinning

First Woman PM of Oz

The poised, dry-witted Julia Gillard has made history, becoming the first woman in our country’s top job. She will be Acting PM for two whole days whilst Kevvie is at the Bali climate change conference. Julia’s achievements represent a triumph of reason against far right losers who have in the past projected their perverted mental . . . → Read More if you dare: First Woman PM of Oz

A Swing to the ABC

Kerry O’Brien’s delightful gaffe that there was ‘a swing to the ABC’ in Bennelong aroused our elated mirth at the woes of the rodent as the eloquent and lovely Maxine McKew looked poised to take his seat. The presence of the Chaser team in the outer election commentary area and prior interview of a non-committal . . . → Read More if you dare: A Swing to the ABC

The Dwarven Vision for Whorestralia

Just a mob of pricks

Nuff said 🙂

Protest Nepotistic Blogshares Bans

Roll up, roll up and sign here folks. We have described BlogShares in the past as the most engaging, challenging game on the planet. Let’s help it become more so by eliminating elitism and reinstating BlogShares celebrities and wizard players PnP and AXA, who have fallen foul of the wiles and guile of a hostile . . . → Read More if you dare: Protest Nepotistic Blogshares Bans

Whack a Poll

Play this fun Fairfax game, raise your favourite party’s approval rating and enjoy pollie bashing online in celebration of the fast approaching federal election.

The Untouchables on top

Our Blogshares team, The Untouchables, have triumphed! From our leader, MNO: “The Untouchables had a really big weekend. But today was the best of all when the interest came out, UT was #1 in shareholdings! Congratulations to the entire team and to those who worked so very hard at this milestone achievement.” After countering a . . . → Read More if you dare: The Untouchables on top