Statistics on Casualties in Palestine 2000 – 2008


Defence for Children International Children killed as a result of Israel military and settlers 2000 – 2008

In addition, from the UN 4/1/09:

As of this evening, the MoH reports casualty figures since the beginning of the Israeli military operation on 27 December of 491 dead and approximately 2,400 injured, out of which figures, at least 20 percent of the fatalities and 40 percent of the injuries are women and children.

List of UN releases relevant to Palestine

Excellent chronology of the occupation by Israel and resistance to it.

As the occupying power, under the Geneva Conventions Israel has the responsibility for caring for the occupied. Despite its claims of having left Gaza in 2005, Israel still occupies it under international law.

UN Office for the Coordindation of Humanitarian Affairs latest updates.