Protest Nepotistic Blogshares Bans

Roll up, roll up and sign here folks. We have described BlogShares in the past as the most engaging, challenging game on the planet. Let’s help it become more so by eliminating elitism and reinstating BlogShares celebrities and wizard players PnP and AXA, who have fallen foul of the wiles and guile of a hostile corp.


For more pertinent background information, visit BlogShares’ premier corporation at The Untouchables Blog.

The Untouchables on top

Our Blogshares team, The Untouchables, have triumphed!

From our leader, MNO:

“The Untouchables had a really big weekend. But today was the best of all when the interest came out, UT was #1 in shareholdings! Congratulations to the entire team and to those who worked so very hard at this milestone achievement.”

After countering a severe war and developing a streamlined unique team approach to play, our corporation has bested all comers whilst injecting fun and renewed vigour into the Blogshares game itself.

Good work folks!

As AliG would say “Keep it real”.