Hope for Palestine?

No point in going through the obvious, beating round the bush – the sadistic criminally incompetent reprobate is gone at last. Obana is about to take the stage and the throne – Oogeroo Noonuccal’s poem is for him and everyone.

Resist Aggression

Obamicon by IntrepidTeacher

Song of Hope

Look up, my people,
The dawn is breaking,
The world is waking,
To a new bright day,
When none defame us,
Nor colour shame us,
Nor sneer dismay.

Now brood no more
On the years behind you,
The hope assigned you
Shall the past replace,
When juster justice
Grown wise and stronger
Points the bone no longer
At a darker race.

So long we waited
Bound and frustrated,
Till hate be hated
And caste deposed;
Now light shall guide us,
And all doors open
That long were closed

See plain the promise,
Dark freedom-lover!
Night’s nearly over,
And though long the climb,
New rights will greet us,
New mateship meet us,
And joy complete us
In our new Dream Time.

To our father’s fathers
The pain, the sorrow;
To our children’s children
The glad tomorrow.

Oogeroo Noonuccal

An Eyeful of Gaza

Much of the world has watched the awesome Gaza fireworks display – some with dismay, anguish and empathy for dispossessed, historically scape-goated, marginalised indigenes, others cheering – the gungho conservopundits and western armchair generals congratulating Israelis on their kill score, “glass ’em all”, these genocidalists cheer, it’s “islamofascism” that is the enemy and Israel is doing our dirty work for us, helping “God” sort ’em out. Keeping the natives in their place, the White Man’s Burden.

None of these latter sociopaths I’ve encountered seem to know or care Palestinians aren’t homogeneously Muslim, that a significant proportion are Christian, and even if they do know 56% of the Gazan population are children, as far as they are concerned, they are *all* ‘terrorist’ to be consigned for extermination, this killing season or the next.

There is news of a truce, is this half time or full time? has the regional hegemon achieved its ‘goals’ or is this, as in Lebanon last, a pause for breath before the blooding of Israel’s hungry young continues with a finale of chest-beating and cluster bombs?

From afar, I wait, wondering if, despite their great games, world leaders can unite truly for once to enforce intelligent just solutions, not abandon the courageous, suffering Palestinian people by ignoring their human rights, eroding the protections of international law for us all along with our chances for a more peaceful planet.

A conversation I had several days ago with a wonderful Palestinian writer caught in the Gaza people trap woven by Israel’s apartheid ‘entitled’ expansionism captured the macabre, unbearable Israeli machina ex deux as no other. I cannot reread this without crying out at the skies.

On Twitter, eyes blurred from days of divining hasbara and truth I asked

why can’t israel just declare 67 borders or 1 big state right now & stop all this idiocy – it’s a perfect opportunity fr real reconciliation 10:00 AM Jan 8th from TweetDeck

From Rafah, that little stripe at the bottom of Gaza, Palestine that everyone forgets, Rafahkid replied:

Israel can’t survive without the resources on Palestinian land. This is why there is no peace. If Palestine was allowed Israel would choke. 11:54 PM Jan 7th from twhirl

#Gaza truth. Israel has to destroy Palestine if it is to survive. The world has chosen Israel. Excuse us while we die without surrender. 11:56 PM Jan 7th from twhirl

Palestine will accept Israel. Israel can never accept Palestine. If we gave up ROR and had ’67 borders then Israel would cease to be viable. 11:55 PM Jan 7th from twhirl

Binational state? Not a chance because Israel has to be Jewish. Two states? Not a chance because Palestine has the resources. So, we die. 11:57 PM Jan 7th from twhirl

wouldn’t mind if people acknowledged these truths but instead they pretend it’s the fault of Palestinian people…and call Hamas terrorists. 12:05 AM Jan 8th from twhirl

Hello Israel. We actually want peace but your masters are lying to u. Please visit #Gaza yourselves (now is not a good time) and you will see 12:06 AM Jan 8th from twhirl