Gun-toting US Searches For Answers

In that most racist US state of Arizona, there is yet another mass slaying using guns, this time courtesy of bigoted, ignorant political rhetoric and elitist health system which is largely inaccessible to the poor, in a peculiar society which regards mentally ill people inappropriately as culpable for their actions rather than in need of medical help.

Suspect Jared was noticed in school as weird – he was refused readmission to his college unless he was medically evaluated. His Youtube and MySpace postings are patently those of a depressive and delusional individual. Why did no one deliver him the medical assistance he so obviously needed? Why was he able to obtain a firearm?

In a nation where hate speech is protected, incitement of prejudice, racism and bigotry by politicians is manifold. When leaders set an horrific example, those most vulnerable to suggestion, people with psychiatric dis-abilities, tend to follow reflexively.

Racism, elitism, prejudice and bigotry are diseases of the point of view, with politicians as primary vectors.

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