3 Replies to “How Israel Steals Palestinian Water 2”

  1. Palestine’s underground water in danger of collapse: UNEP

    The underground water supplies, upon which 1.5 million Palestinians depend for agriculture and consumption, are in danger of collapse as a result of years of over-use and contamination that have been exacerbated by the recent conflict.

    The report points to increased salinity from salt water intrusion caused by over abstraction of the ground water as a key concern, alongside pollution from sewage and agricultural run off.

    Pollution levels are such that infants in the Gaza Strip are at risk from nitrate poisoning.

  2. Article on The Daily Star:

    One of the less discussed considerations of the Israel-Palestine conflict has been access to fresh water. Two of the three primary fresh-water aquifers in Israel and Palestine lie under the West Bank: the Eastern Basin and the Northeastern Basin. Israel also shares a coastal aquifer with the Gaza Strip. Israel cannot relinquish control over those aquifers without severely compromising its national security. Clearly, no lasting solution can be found without addressing access to fresh water, but this has been a secondary issue with respect to ongoing negotiations between the two sides.

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